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MAX Awards 2015

 Candidate Revelation Show

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Recommended from 15 years


Premiere: 11 November 2014


History of functions


November 2017 / Seville. Alameda Theater
Logrono. Breton Theater

October 2017 / Blanca (Murcia). victory theater
The Escorial. Royal Coliseum of Carlos III
Malaga. The Thermal
May 2017 / Madrid. Canal Theaters
I paint. Francisco Rabal Theater

April 2017 /  Grenada. Alhambra Theater
Oviedo. Campoamor Theater
Linares. Cervantes Theater
Aviles. Palacio Valdes Theater
March 2017 / Gijon. Jovellanos Theater
Victory. main theater
Pamplona. Gayarre Theater
Santander. Palace of Festivals

Valladolid. Calderon Theater
Elche. Great theater
Murcia. theater circus

February 2017 / Valencia. Thalia Theater
Leganes. Jose Monleon Theater
Segovia. The Jail, Center of Creation
Salamanca. Lyceum Theater
January 2017 / Torrelodones. Boulevard Theater

Soria. Palace of the Court
Granollers. Auditorium Theater
Viladecans. Atrium Theater
October 2015 /  Madrid. CC Paco Rabal

July 2015 /  Madrid. Summers of the Villa

February 2015 /  Cuenca. Auditorium Theater

Soria. Palace of the Court
January 2015 /  Elche. Great theater

Talk. Jaime Salom Theater

Cartagena. El Batel Auditorium

November 2014 /  Madrid. Count Duke Theater

about punk rock

Seven young people, in full transit towards adult life, face the exams that will open the doors of the University and allow them to flee from the industrial suburb in which they have grown up. The pressure is maximum and everyone deals with it in their own way. Not everyone is prepared to bear it. 

Simon Stephens draws in PUNK ROCK an accurate portrait of today's youth, their worries and miseries, the educational ecosystem and the diffuse future that awaits them.

simon stephens

Simon Stephens (1971) is one of the most prolific European playwrights of his generation and one of the world's references in playwriting. Despite his youth, all his works have premiered in the great theaters of London.


BA in History from the University of York. He lived for a time in Scotland, specifically in Edinburgh. Before focusing on theater (he has written more than 30 plays), he went to secondary school and was also part of a punk group: Country Teasers, a Scottish band with different influences (from Joy Division to the poetry of Burroughs). that has marked him when carrying out his theatrical projects.


Simon is currently an artist associated with London's Lyric Hammersmith, where he premiered Punk Rock in 2009. He also wrote a drama project for Three Kingdoms , which was performed simultaneously in Estonia, the UK and Germany.


Simon has received numerous nominations and awards at various theater awards in the UK. He has won the Olivier Award for Best Playwriting on two occasions: the first for On the shore of the big wide world (2005) and the second for his stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight ( 2012). This production also won the award for best text at the 2015 Tony Awards.


Stephens currently resides in London with his wife and three children. In his own words, the author tries to create a "less elitist" theater that reaches everyone equally, trying to get away from the danger of falling into repetition, always staying stimulated.


WILLIAM / Jesus Lavi and Victor de la Fuente

LILLY / Cris Gallego and María Romero

BENNETT / Juan Frendsa

CISSY / Cristina Bertol and Ana Escriu

NICHOLAS / Axel Novo

TANYA / Katia Borlado

CHADWICK / Fernando Sainz de la Maza

DR. HARVEY / Mabel del Pozo, Chani Martin, Tana Payno and Eugenio Villota


Director: José Luis Arellano / Director on tour: Álvaro Lavín

Lighting: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI) / Scenography and costumes: Silvia de Marta

Sound space: Mariano Marín / Videoscene: Álvaro Luna (AAI)

Choreography: Andoni Larrabeiti / Characterization: Chema Noci


Project management: David R. Peralto / Production management: Olga Reguilón

Technical direction: David Elcano / Technicians: Iván Belizon
Communication director: José Luis Collado / Image director: Juanma Carrillo

Marketing and development: Pedro Sánchez / Chairmanship: Víctor Hernández and Nuria Chacón

Production assistant: Nuria Chacón, Rocío de Felipe, Víctor Hernández and Dani Villar
Assistant director: Tana Payno / Scenography and costume assistant: Clara Garrido, Lydia Garvín, Pablo Menor, Irene Monje, Emma Pascual, Marco Prieto, Silvia Romero and Elvira Ruiz Zurita

Video scene assistant: Elvira Ruiz Zurita and Pedro Sánchez
Communication assistantship:  Samuel García (CM) and Pedro Sánchez

Set design: Juan Carlos Rodríguez / Tailoring: Conchi Marro

Scene photographs:  Javier Naval and David Ruano

Also part of the cast:
Samy Khalil, Álvaro Quintana, Helena Mocejón, Carolina Yuste, Alejandro Chaparro and Jota Haya
Eugenio Villota, Ariadna Gil and Chani Martín in the role of Dr. Harvey

image gallery

(click on each photo to enlarge - Photo: David Ruano)

Foto: David Ruano

Foto: David Ruano

Lilly y William. Foto: David Ruano

Foto: David Ruano

Foto: David Ruano

Cissy y Tanya. Foto: David Ruano

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