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Young Theater Foundation

The Fundación Teatro Joven is a national non-profit platform that acts as a meeting point for young people passionate about theatre, performing arts professionals and hundreds of teaching professionals. The objective that unites us all is summed up in combating disaffection among young people and culture. Fundación Teatro Joven wants to show that theater with young people is not a minor genre, putting on stage stories that interest and move the public. It was created in 2017 to give continuity and greater institutional support to the work started by the Asociación Jovenes al Teatro.


Contribute to the promotion, dissemination and reflection of culture in general as well as the creation of cultural identity and the expression of citizenship through the performing arts and theater, especially among young people . To do this, the Foundation prioritizes the training and professionalization of young people in this sector, their contact with great professionals in the performing arts and promotes the approach of young audiences to theater through work with teachers from Secondary and Baccalaureate centers throughout Spain. .


Surely you know us by 'LaJoven'. It is our main project and through which we have managed to make everything possible to date. Fundación Teatro Joven is the legal entity that supports all of this.

To achieve the goals of the foundation, we do many things with a common denominator: youth and theater . We produce works that are seen every year by tens of thousands of spectators of all ages in many cities, we organize workshops for young artists, meetings and round tables to discuss the themes of our works and the theatrical profession and we also participate in forums on culture, education and young.

You can expand this information by consulting our activity report.

Memory Season 18-19

Memory Season 19-20

Memory Season 20-21



We want to facilitate access to information related to our foundation in a commitment to our followers and collaborators:

Foundation Statutes

Annual accounts Season 18-19

Annual accounts Season 19-20

Annual accounts Season 20-21





The Fundación Teatro Joven has recognized the general interest of its purposes and has number 1921 in the Registry of Foundations.

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