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MAX Awards 2016

Best Private Production Candidate


Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Recommended from 14 years


Premiere: 3 February 2015


History of functions

May 2016 /  Grenada. Alhambra Theater

Soria. Palace of the Court

March 2016 /  Valladolid. Calderon Theater

February 2016 /  Madrid. Count Duke Theater

January 2016 /  Linares. Cervantes Theater

October 2015 / Valencia. The ships

July 2015 /  Olite. Classic Theater Festival

 Olmedo. Classic Theater Festival.
Alcala. Classics in Alcalá



Given the audience records achieved by the first edition of a star television reality show, the network decides to separate its young protagonists into two houses, into two groups, into two different bands for its second edition. What they intended to be a new success, a succession of scenes in summer clubs and moments of confrontation between canis and chonis, becomes, before the perplexed eyes of the spectator, a true tragedy.

the version (jORDI CASANOVAS)

We have rewritten Romeo and Juliet to think, rediscover and live the youthful brilliance of our days. William Shakespeare's material allows us to play with a universal and popular reference, to pervert it, turn it upside down and reflect on the relationships of friendship, love, fame and power as they are now conceived by a large part of young people._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_​



Javier Ariano, Cristina Bertol, Alejandro Chaparro, Ana Escriu, Victor de la Fuente,
Cris Gallego, Jota Haya, Jesús Lavi, Álvaro Quintana, Sara Sierra and Álex Villazán

were also part of the cast

Pablo Béjar, Katia Borlado, Ana Cañas, Enrique Cervantes, Álvaro Fontalba,
Jaime Lorente, Luis Enrique Montero, Alberto Novillo, Raúl Pulido and Estíbaliz Racionero

Address:  José Luis Arellano García

Iluminación:  Juanjo Llorens (AAI)  / Escenografía y vestuario:  Silvia de Marta

Music and sound space:  Mariano Marín, Roberto Sevillano and Alberto Granados*
Videoescena: Álvaro Luna (AAI)
Coreografías:  Andoni Larrabeiti  / Caracterización:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Chema Noci


Project address:  David R. Peralto  / Production address:  Olga Reguilón

Dirección técnica:  David Elcano  / Dirección de comunicación:  José Luis Collado
Image address:  Juanma Carrillo  / Marketing and development:  Pedro Sánchez

Production assistant:  Nuria Chacón, Víctor Hernández, Dani Villar

Regiduría:  Víctor Hernández  / Assistant Director: Andoni Larrabeiti and Alberto Sabina
Video scene assistantship: Elvira Ruiz Zurita, Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Díaz-Guerra

Scenography and costume assistant: Judith Alcubierre, María Buey, Sandra de la Fuente, Clara Garrido, Lydia Garvín, Marco Prieto and Emma Pascual
Communication assistantship:  Samuel García (CM) and Pedro Sánchez

Realización escenografía:  Juan Carlos Rodríguez  / Sastrería:  Conchi Marro y Marina Fontán

Scene photographs: Javier Naval (2015) @SamuelGarAr (2016)

*Song "If love exists"


Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Romeo y July. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Capu, July y Floro. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Elenco. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

July y Floro. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Capu. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Benvo y Balta. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Romeo y Cámara. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Romeo y Merche. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Merche y Benvo. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Elenco. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

Los Manteca. Foto: @SamuelGarAr

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