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playoff tour

The talks after the morning shows are an essential part of our project. In them we leave you the freedom to reflect, give your opinion and ask about everything that has motivated you the show. On this page we leave you some of these experiences that we are experiencing during the PLAYOFF tour. If you have seen this work and want to leave us your comment, click here.

"And I wonder... why aren't mixed teams made? Men and women can be equally good in a competitive sport. Why separate them to play? What's the point of making that division from school?"


"Why is a woman who decides to be a housewife, for example, judged for it? Feminism must also reflect on these things"

"We should all be feminists. Feminism is not the opposite of machismo. Feminism is equality. Everyone, men and women, should be feminists"


"In high school I feel judged if I say I like girls. They mess with me if I say that, being a girl, I enjoy playing football. How can these things continue to happen in the 21st century?"

"The relationship between Toni and Pablo has made me reflect a lot. Sometimes we allow what we feel for someone to lead us to limit our own freedom. And sometimes it happens the other way around, and we are the ones who participate in it without being aware of the damage what we are doing. Often we do not realize neither one side nor the other. Love should not restrict anyone's freedom "

"How does a person deal with sexist situations in a society in which it seems that these behaviors are normalized? We should not be silent anymore!
We should not be afraid to change things"


"Congratulations to the actresses, not only for their work, but for how difficult it must be to be on stage in front of such a young audience, and sometimes listening to inappropriate or ungrateful comments. As a teacher I know that there are things that escape us , which we cannot avoid, taking into account the age of the students. And precisely for that reason your work deserves worthy recognition. Being up there, telling this story, transmitting values... is also a necessary education"

"Thank you for showing in such a colloquial and close way what happens in our society. Sometimes we need direct blows of reality to realize what we refuse to see"

"Thank you for talking about equality and respect.
And thanks for giving visibility in the theater to the LGTB collective"


"I loved the performance. Better than a movie"

"I loved the play. It seems fundamental to me to emphasize in gender equality and I really liked the plot of the play. Both actresses and presenter, charming. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart"

"Great show, I had a great time. Bravo for the actresses and the whole team. Cheer up!"


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