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Juan Mayorga updates his version of Fuente Ovejuna for La Joven.


Fuente Ovejuna manages to represent an entire era in a few hours, some places, a handful of human beings: humiliated and rebellious people, old gentlemen who do not want to lose the future, new gentlemen who are learning to be. All of them live, more or less consciously, the vertigo of witnessing the death of one order and the birth of another. “The world is ending”, says the Commander. Yours is over, of course. But, what world is being born in the assault on the Casa de la Encomienda?

MAX Awards 2016

  Best Private Production Candidate

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Recommended from 13 years

Show included in Platea 2016


Premiere: 8 April 2015

History of functions

May 2016 /  Valladolid. Calderon Theater
Gijon. Jovellanos Theater
White (Murcia). victory theater
Malaga. Canovas Theater

January 2016 / Bilbao. Arriaga Theater

Basin. Auditorium Theater

Viladecans. Atrium Theater

April 2015 /  Madrid. Count Duke Theater


Graduated in Mathematics and doctor in Philosophy, his true passion is the theater. He currently directs the Master of Theater Creation at the Carlos III University in Madrid where he also holds the Chair of Arts Escénicas. He has been a professor of Dramaturgy and Philosophy at the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid.

Mayorga began his career forming with other playwrights el Teatro del Astillero, a research group teatral and regularly collaborated with the company_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_158d_bad5cf58d_creating texts of Animal collective. Between his original works include The Boy in the Back Row  (2006), Perpetual Peace (2007), Darwin's Turtle_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_138d5cf5cf58d_ (2008) or The tongue in pieces (2012). His work has been premiered in European theaters such as the Royal Court ( Way to heaven , 2005) and made into a film ( Dans la maison ,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_2012). Mayorga has also written, in the last decada, numerous versions for the Centro Dramático Nacional and the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico.

Mayorga is considered one of the great Spanish dramatists of the last decade at the national level
and international. He has been awarded numerous awards, including the 2007 National Theater Prize, the Valle-Inclán Prize in 2009 and the National Literary Prize_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-158d5 Dramatic in 2013 by La lengua en pieces .

Juan Mayorga



Katia Borlado, Alejandro Chaparro, Victor de la Fuente, Cristina Gallego, Samy Khalil
Jota Haya, Jesús Lavi, Álvaro Quintana, María Romero and Álex Villazán

were also part of the cast

Enrique Cervantes, Pablo Béjar, Jaime Lorente, Helena Mocejón and Carolina Yuste

Address:  José Luis Arellano García

Iluminación:  Juanjo Llorens (AAI)  / Escenografía y vestuario:  Silvia de Marta

Choreographies:  Andoni Larrabeiti  / Characterization:  Chema Noci


Project address:  David R. Peralto  / Production address:  Olga Reguilón

Dirección técnica:  David Elcano  / Dirección de comunicación:  José Luis Collado
Image address:  Juanma Carrillo  / Marketing and development:  Pedro Sánchez

Production assistant:  Nuria Chacón, María Calderón, Víctor Hernández, Dani Villar

Regiduría:  Víctor Hernández and Beatriz Aparicio  / Assistant Director: Andoni Larrabeiti and Alberto Sabina

Scenography and costume assistant: Sergio Arias, Sandra de la Fuente and Emma Pascual
Communication assistant:  Samuel García (CM) and Pedro Sánchez

Realización escenografía:  Juan Carlos Rodríguez  / Sastrería:  Conchi Marro

Scene photographs: Javier Naval




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