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Federico towards Lorca

Note: The show uses

Strobe lights

federico to lorca

After the centenary of Lorca's arrival at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, we have a work that includes a large number of texts by Lorca in a dramatization by Nando López and Irma Correa. The thirty-eight years of Federico García Lorca are crossed by life and death. Bubbles of both pass through his life and make him breathe light and blood, flesh and love. We imagine a text inhabited by moments from his arrival in Madrid to the last look at the bullet that went through it. An approach to the young, alive Lorca and also to the Lorca friend, to the excessive, to the traveler, to the lover of skin and words.


A production of Fundación Teatro Joven y Community of Madrid | Premiere MARCH 2019 (Teatros del Canal)

miguel of the arc


Miguel del Arco is a director, playwright, actor, screenwriter, adapter and artistic co-director of El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze. His figure brings together the philosophy on which Kamikaze Producciones has been built, a production company he founded in 2002 with Aitor Tejada and which in 2015 received the Ceres Award from the Mérida Festival for the best business career. After shooting three short films with which he won more than a hundred awards at different film festivals, in 2009 Kamikaze Producciones launched his first theatrical production, The function to be done , a free adaptation of Six characters in search of an author , by Pirandello, which becomes an event and rises, among others, with seven Max Awards. In 2010, she directed Nuria Espert in The Rape of Lucrecia , by William Shakespeare. In 2011, Kamikaze co-produced Vacationers , a free version of Gorky's work of the same name, with which he won five Max Awards. He has adapted and directed De Mice y Hombres , by John Steinbeck –Valle Inclán Award 2013 and Ercilla Award for Best Show–, El inspector , by Gógol; Misanthrope , from Molière's original; An Enemic of the Poble , by Henrik Ibsen; and Hamlet , a version of Shakespeare's classic in co-production with the CNTC. He is the author and director of The Youkali Project , Trial of a Fox , Wish , and Shelter . He has also covered and directed the zarzuela ¡Como está Madriz! , directed Las furias , his first feature film, and the opera Fuenteovejuna , world premiered at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo in September 2018. Since the summer of 2016 he has been the artistic co-director of El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze, a project promoted together with Israel Elejalde, Aitor Tejada and Jordi Buxó and who has been distinguished with the 2017 National Theater Award. As a director, at the Kamikaze Theater he has premiered La noche de las tríbadas , by Per Olov Enquist, Arte , by Yasmina Reza, and Ilusiones , by Ivan Viripaev. He is currently preparing Jauría , a documentary theater production with dramaturgy by Jordi Casanovas based on the transcripts of the trial of La Manada.


irma leash

Degree in Law, Journalism, Dramaturgy and Interpretation. He has received various awards, such as the XIX SGAE Theater Award for Friday or the Max Award for Revelation Show for Desde lo Invisible . He has also received the Scholarship for the II SGAE Foundation Theatrical Writing Laboratory, directed by Alfredo Sanzol.


She has been a professor of History of Dramatic Art at Casa Ensamble (Bogotá, Colombia) and has taught various dramaturgy and dramatic writing workshops. Among his texts stand out The old man, the young man and the sea , premiered at the Cuyás Theater in October 2015 within the production El mar y las estrellas ; o Talking (damn existence) , directed for Casa Ensamble (Bogotá, Colombia) and scheduled for the Ibero-American Theater Festival in Bogotá.


In October 2016, he premiered Moon River (in a strange land) at the Abadía Neumünster Theater in Luxembourg and, in April 2017, he presented Hablando (last breath) at the Centro Dramático Nacional.

In February 2019, he premiered The Old Man, the Young Man and the Sea  at the Gala Theater in Washington DC directed by José Luis Arellano García.


Novelist, playwright and Doctor Cum Laude in Hispanic Philology. He has been a professor in public education, although he is currently dedicated exclusively to narrative and theatrical writing._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Finalist for the 2010 Nadal Award with  The age of anger  (Booket Planeta), in his narrative career stand out titles like_cc781905-5cde-bad3bbb-135- todo -3b5cf-1346-de-3194_cc It was easy  (Tres Hermanas Ediciones),  The sound of bodies  (Editorial Dos Bigotes),_cc7-58cde190-5-58cde19 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The lives we invent  (Espasa), The immortality of the crab  (Dance of the sun) or In(h)harmonics (Young & Brilliant). In addition, it has p Participated in anthologies of stories such as  Lo que no se dice  o  El cielo en Movimiento, and is a great success author of juvenile titles entre los lectores adolescentes como  Nadie nos oye ,  El reino de las Tres Lunas  o la novela transmedia  The Names of Fire .


As a playwright, he has premiered works such as  #malditos16  (co-production of the Centro Dramático Nacional), los amores -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ When we were twoIn mutual disagreement  (released simultaneously in Spain, Panama and Venezuela),_cc781905-5cde-bb3b-3194 136bad5cf58d_o  The Age of Wrath , loosely based on his own novel for The Young Company. He is also the author of versions such as  Desengaños amorosos  (XLI Almagro International Theater Festival) or  Las harpías XXX Almagro International Theater Festival) and adaptations such as de  Yerma  (2015), by Lorca (awarded the 2015 Helen Hayes Award for Best Theatrical Show) or la de  Don Juan Tenorio  (2017), by José Zorrilla, both premiered at the Gala Theater in Washington.



Julen Alba, Óscar Albert, Ana Bokesa, Katia Borlado, Álvaro Fontalba, Xoán Fórneas
Pascual Laborda, Jesús Lavi, Rosa Martí, Nono Mateos, Íñigo Santacana and Carmen Tur

Address:  Miguel del Arco
Text: Irma Correa and Nando López, based on texts by Federico García Lorca


Iluminación:  Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)  / Escenografía:  Paco Azorín

Music:  Arnau Vilà  / Sound space: Sandra Vicente (Studio 340)
Guadalupe Valero  / Video scene: Pedro Chamizo

Choreography:  Andoni Larrabeiti


Artistic direction: José Luis Arellano García / Production direction:  Olga Reguilón
Communication address:  José Luis Collado
Technical address:  David Elcano

President of the Young Theater Foundation: David R. Peralto


Set design assistant: Amaya Cortaire / Costume assistant: Nuria Manzano
Ayudantía de documentación:  Juan Pablo Cuevas / Regiduría:  Víctor Hernández
Music assistant: Alberto Granados
Administration: Nuria Chacón / Technical team:  Iván Belizon and Raquel López
Audience management and development:  Rocío de Felipe, María Limón and Pedro Sánchez
Production assistant: Dani Villar / Production assistant: Luis Izquierdo
Trainee team: Eva Guiteras and Carolina Vallejo

Press and social networks:  @SamuelGarAr
Graphic design:  Erre Gálvez / Scene photography:  David Ruano

Scenography production: Juan Carlos Rodríguez and MAY Servicios
Costume design: Petra Porter / Tailoring: Conchi Marro and Sandra Robles

Acknowledgements: Alfredo Valverde and volunteers from La Joven Compañía

Scene photography: David Ruano

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