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Premiere: November 30, 2017

Estimated duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Recommended from 13 years

History of functions

October 2018 /Madrid. Count Duke Theater
Salamanca. Juan de la Enzina Theater
Santander. Palace of Festivals
April 2018 / Madrid. Conde Duque Theater

March 2018 / El Escorial. Royal Coliseum of Carlos III

NOV-DEC 2017 /  Madrid._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Teatros del Canal
XXXV Autumn to Spring Festival

Co-production with the Community of Madrid

Pinto City Council collaborates


We approach for the first time one of the most important contemporary Spanish authors, Antonio Buero Vallejo.  In the foundation  is a story of brotherhood. It is the story of a group of young people who struggle to survive in a world that has become strange, alien, violent and castrating. They will do everything possible to defend a truth that may return their freedom.

irma leash

Degree in Law, Journalism, Dramaturgy and Interpretation. He has received various awards, such as the XIX SGAE Theater Award for Friday or the Max Award for Revelation Show for Desde lo Invisible . He has also received the Scholarship for the II SGAE Foundation Theatrical Writing Laboratory, directed by Alfredo Sanzol. She has been a professor of History of Dramatic Art at Casa Ensamble (Bogotá, Colombia) and has taught various dramaturgy and dramatic writing workshops. Among his texts stand out The old man, the young man and the sea , premiered at the Cuyás Theater in October 2015 within the production El mar y las estrellas ; o Talking (damn existence) , directed for Casa Ensamble (Bogotá, Colombia) and scheduled for the Ibero-American Theater Festival in Bogotá. In October 2016, he premiered Moon River (in a strange land) at the Abadía Neumünster Theater in Luxembourg and, in April 2017, he presented Hablando (last breath) at the Centro Dramático Nacional.




Óscar Albert, Álvaro Caboalles, Víctor de la Fuente, Jota Haya, Pascual Laborda,

Nono Mateos, Juan Carlos Pertusa, Mateo Rubistein and Maria Valero

Address:  José Luis Arellano García

Iluminación:  Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)  / Escenografía y vestuario:  Silvia of Martha

Music and sound space:  Luis Delgado , on themes by Bach and Monteverdi
Video scene:  Álvaro Luna (AAI) and Elvira Ruiz Zurita
Stage movement:  Andoni Larrabeitid
Characterization: Sara Alvarez


Project address:  David R. Peralto  / Production address:  Olga Reguilón

Dirección técnica:  David Elcano  / Dirección de comunicación:  José Luis Collado
Audience management and development:  Pedro Sánchez and Rocío de Felipe 
/ Regiduría:  Dani Villar

Production assistant:  Nuria Chacón, Víctor Hernández, Angie Fernández and Génesis González
Scenography and costume assistantship:  Álvaro Millán, Irene Monje and Lara Martínez

Communication and CM:  Samuel García (@SamuelGarAr)
Lighting assistant: Irene Cantero / Technical assistant: Iván Belizon and Mónica Bueno

Realización escenografía:  Juan Carlos Rodríguez y MAY servicios  / Sastrería:  Conchi Marro
Scenography setting:  Lydia Garvín and Marco Prieto (Space PROA)
Musical collaboration:  Ana Cristina Marco and A5 Vocal Ensemble
Vocal training: Fernando Becerra / Graphic design
: Erre Gálvez
Rehearsal photographs: @SamuelGarAr
/ Scene and poster photographs: David Ruano​

Acknowledgements: Judith Alcubierre, Volunteers of La Joven

on stage

(click on each photo to enlarge - Photo: David Ruano)


(click on each photo to enlarge - Photo: @SamuelGarAr)

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