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_Playlist for a drifting continent

by Paco Gámez_ from Virgilio

Direction_José Luis Arellano García

For the first time, LaJoven and Teatro Circo Price join forces to create this show that brings together 20 young artists from the world of theatre, circus, music and dance on stage.

A poor settlement, on the edge of a Mediterranean city, has just been destroyed by a group of invaders shouting “We don't want you here. OUTSIDE!". A young man flees from the flames and his girlfriend refuses to accompany him, preferring to stay with the ashes of what was their home. If that neighborhood was called Troy and that boy, Aeneas; he would have to find his place in the world with the promise of a possible future.

Virgil used the Greek past to tell the present of his Rome. We dialogue with the Latin poem to tell the present of this complex Europe
and diffuse; arrogance and exclusive, sometimes; generous, radicalized...


And here comes Aeneas, running through the streets of our city, lost, but ambitious; naive, but shaken by life; fearful, but full of desire; already a man, but without a future, with one eye on hope and the other on the insurmountable past.

Aeneas is not going to stop and is ready to leave everything behind: his house, the sea, the
love, friends, everything. "Is this being a hero?" he wonders.

“Fata viam invenient / Fates find their way.” Virgil answers him 22 centuries ago.

The XII songs of La Aeneida are here a playlist full of great songs: music for a beating, sensual rhythms, sad songs, karaoke... Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to know who we are and why we are here.

do you dance?

Price Circus Theater
April 2021
A production in collaboration with Teatro Circo Price / Madrid Destino
Duration: 1h 30 min
Language: Spanish
Recommended from 12 years

The company of Aeneid



Paco Gámez, based on Virgilio


Jose Luis Arellano Garcia

Scenery and costumes
Sylvia de Marta


Juanjo Llorens

Musical direction and arrangements

Alberto Granados


Andoni Larrabeiti

assistant director

Paco Gamez

Sound design

Felix Botana


Sarah Alvarez



Jose Cobertera - Palante
Jota Haya - Achaemenides/Silvia
Maria Heredia - Creusa/Dido
Samy Khalil - Aeneas

Ana Jara - Ana/Lavinia

Marta Velilla - Acates/Andromache

Monika Budzinska - Trapeze
Cira Cabasés - Vertical/Scale
Juan de las Casas - Acrobatics/Scale

Sirio Fernández - Juggling (Turn)

Amaya Frías - Vertical/Acrodanza

Julia Cano - Dancer

Raul Pulido - Dancer

Amara Ríos - Violin / Voice

Alberto Granados - Keyboards / Vocals
Jorge Henríquez - Percussion / Vocals

Javier Lison - Guitar

Emma Weil - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Vicente Perez - Bass

movement helper

Raul Pulido

production management

Olga Reguilon Aguado

Technical direction

Dove Cavilla


Daniel Villar
Christina Eleftheriadou
Paula del Fresno

Stage and costume assistants

Grace Hill

lighting helpers

Rodrigo Ortega

Nacho Medina

Assistant and sound technician

David Gonzalez Alba

Characterization Helpers

Pigeon Rodrigo
Minerva Gil Castellanos

Production Assistant

Pigeon Rodrigo
Pilar Bouthelier (internship)

Public management and administration

Philip's Dew


Ilde Sandrin


Maria Diaz

Pedro Sanchez
Laura Ginestar
Laura Forero (internship)

Graphic design

William Vazquez

Historical-Literary Advisor

Oliver Baldwin

Circus Advisor

Javier Jimenez

movement adviser

Eve Sanchez

music consultant

David R. Peralto


Carampa Circus School

Creative Music School

Superior Conservatory of Dance María de Ávila

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