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Paris. November 2005.

Too young to be adults and too old to be children.

Five colleagues from a Paris banlieue get together one night to burn the car of someone very rich. For a few days, several fires have been set in different places, destroying vehicles. The children of the children of immigrants who arrived in the country with nothing still feel aliens to him. Europe does not offer them those values that crown its flag. And the streets and the news are filled with an atmosphere that could be revolution or war, hope or  unrest. An environment that can destroy illusions and friendships.

GAZOLINE takes the witness of the RAZAS project with the aim of making visible and promoting ethnic diversity in the performing arts.

Premiere: APRIL 25, 2019 | Count Duke Theater

jose luis arellano garcia

Graduated in Dramatic Art from RESAD, he has worked mainly in Spain and the United States.

He has directed La piel en llamas by Guillem Clua at the Centro Dramático Nacional and La revoltosa for the Teatro de la Zarzuela.  He is a regular guest director at the GALA Theater in Washington DC where in 2015 he won 6 Helen Hayes Awards, including Best Direction and Best Play for Yerma . He has also directed Ay, Carmela for the Picadero Theater in Buenos Aires.

Arellano is one of the national theatrical references working with young people. He is the artistic director of LaJoven since its inception, directing twelve productions, awarded in 2014 with the El Ojo Crítico de Teatro Award, with which he has been a Finalist for the Valle-Inclán Award for Proyecto Homero and a Finalist at the MAX Awards with El Señor de the flies .

He is a regular assistant director to Gerardo Vera with whom he has worked on productions such as Sueños , Los Hermanos Karamázov , Agosto , Platonov and El cojo de Inishmaan . He has also been assistant director with Josep Maria Mestres and at the Teatro Real with Ignacio García. He has also directed the Parla Municipal Theater School for eight years.

His latest show, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight by Simon Stephens, based on the novel by Mark Haddon, can be seen at the Teatro Marquina in Madrid, reaping great success with critics and audiences.

jordi casanovas

Playwright and theater director. Director of the company FlyHard, of which he was founder, from 2005 to 2013. Founder and artistic director of SALAFlyHard from the 2010/2011 season to 2013. Studies in Telecommunications Engineering. Studies of the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Professor of dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre since 2009.

He has written some thirty theatrical texts, including Una historia catalana (TNC, 2011), A man with horn-rimmed glasses (SALAFlyHard, 2010), Dinner with a battle (Versus Teatre, 2010), The Revolution (La Villarroel, 2009 ), Lena Woyzeck (Season High, 2008), La Ruina (La Villarroel, 2008), City / Simcity (Sala Beckett / Club Capitol, 2007) y Wolfenstein (AREAtangent / Versus Teatre, 2006) . In 2014 he wrote Hey Boy Hey Girl , a remix of Romeo and Juliet in the universe of reality shows for LaJoven.

He has won the City of Valencia Award for Estralls , the 2005 City of Alcoy Award with Beckenbauer , the 2005 Marqués de Bradomín Award with Andorra , and the 2002 Josep Robrenyo Award with The Best Occasions . The trilogy made up of Wolfenstein , Tetris and City/Simcity has received the Barcelona Critics' Award for the revelation of the 2006-07 season, the Crítica Serra de Oro award for the best theatrical text of 2006 and nominations for the Butaca Awards and the MAX Awards. Butaca Award for the best theatrical text of 2009 for La Revolución . Time Out Award for the best play of 2011 for A man with horn-rimmed glasses . Butaca Award for the best theatrical text of 2011 for Una Historia Catalana . City of Barcelona Theater Award for Patria .


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Report by JV Echagüe

Interview with Marta Echevarría and
Paloma Cortina in 'Today everything begins'

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Article and review of

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Review by Javier Vallejo

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Review by Eva Llergo and Tristán Ceballos



Mard B. Ase, Michael Batista, Maria Elaidi, Prince Ezeanyim, and Delia Seriche

Jean Cruz and Malcolm McCarthy were also part of the cast.

Address:  José Luis Arellano García
Text: Jordi Casanovas


Iluminación:  Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)  / Escenografía y vestuario:  Silvia of Martha

Video scene: Bruno Praena  / Choreography:  Andoni Larrabeiti
Víctor Algora  / Scene photography:  David Ruano

Scenography and costume assistant: Cristina Aguado and Eva Escribano  / Regiduría:  Dani Villar
Set design: Readest and Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Tailoring: Conchi Marro


President of the Young Theater Foundation: David R. Peralto / Artistic direction: José Luis Arellano García
Production address:  Olga Reguilón 
Technical address:_cc781905-5cde-bb6d-cf315 David Elcano_bad6b94-315

Audience management and development:  Rocío de Felipe and Pedro Sánchez

Comunicación y redes sociales:  @SamuelGarAr / Diseño gráfico:  Guillermo Vázquez
Press: María Díaz  Technical team:  David González and Samuel Gaviño
Production assistant: Víctor Hernández



Production/Direction: Eva Guiteras and Carolina Vallejo

Acknowledgements: Armando Buika, Boré Buika, LaJoven Volunteers

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