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Directed by Alberto Velasco
with Greta Garcia
Alberto Granados Reguilon
Raul Pulido

27JUN > 8JUL
Federico Garcia Lorca Theater - GETAFE

One more year, LaJoven opens its doors with a new collective stage creation experience directed by Alberto VelascoEXODO (drop a star).  In the LaJoven experiences we work through the body, the word, the voice, debate and dialogue, staging, live music and we will approach the circus. The artistic team is completed by Greta García, Alberto Granados Reguilón and Raúl Pulido, accompanied by the entire technical and production team of LaJoven.  

This LaJoven experience will take place at the Federico García Lorca Theater in Getafe, just 20 minutes by train from the center of Madrid.


An approach to EXODUS

by Alberto Velasco

The starting point for this year's creation work will be based on EXODUS. In the emigration of a town or a large number of people to another place. In the abandonment of the roots to take root in another land far from your culture, your family and your home. The world we inhabit does not stop having exoduses, from the Spanish people in the middle of the last century to the mass exoduses of peoples around the globe: Syria, Palestine, Africa... and currently the war is much closer than we could have imagined devastates the Ukrainian people.


We will create not only from the origin of the exodus but also from the destination. A collective reflection on empathy and the need for hospitality.


From dynamics and exercises of collective creation and after analysing, debating and contributing everything that crosses us from the word EXODUS (physical, emotional, willful or forced exodus) we will put on the table what mobilizes force in our collective unconscious of this word that goes from the universal to the personal to build scenes, images of visual poetry, write texts, create choreographies and come up with a play that can be shared with the public on the last day.


Idea y dirección del taller: José Luis Arellano García

Cuerpo y trabajo coreográfico: Manuela Barrero
Creación musical: Alberto Granados Reguilón

Trabajo de dramaturgia: Paco Gámez

Asistencia a la dramaturgia: Ana Rocío Dávila

Dates and times 

June 27 to July 8, 2022

Monday to Friday

Morning group - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Afternoon group - 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Joint final exhibition - Friday, July 8 in the afternoon


Federico Garcia Lorca Theater

(C/ Ramón y Cajal, 22 - Getafe)



Number of seats

40 per group


Between 16 and 28 years old

Enrollment closed


If you want to ask us anything and solve your doubts, we can assist you at: or by calling al  655163937


Instituto Goethe.png

Con el apoyo de


How to get

Instituto Goethe 
Madrid . Calle Zurbarán, 21

By subway:
L12 - Central Getafe

In the vicinity:
C-4 - Getafe Center

By bus:

448, 447 (exit from Legazpi)

441 (exit from Plaza Elíptica)

Anteriores #ExperienciaLaJoven

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