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VII Edition


25 SEP > 27 NOV 2021

Headquarters of LaJoven

Directed by QY Bazo

Lola Blasco

Rachel Camacho

Jordi Casanovas

Joseph Louis Collado

Roland Schimmelpfennig

with the collaboration of Sgae Foundation

with the support of INAEM

Let's go for the seventh edition of our Young Playwriting Workshop! On this occasion, QY Bazo are in charge of "Other views, other stories" together with Lola Blasco, Rakel Camacho, Jordi Casanovas, José Luis Collado and Roland Schimmelpfennig.


Grab your whip and hat, let's do some archaeology. Did you know that the theater, in its truest sense, is a viewpoint? If we dust off the word “theater”, we will discover in its etymology that it is, literally, a place to look.


Artists offer something to the gaze, they make it possible to see. This happens in art in general and in theater in particular, which can well be understood as a great organization operation of the gaze. Put bluntly: our job is to decide what to watch at any time.


In this territory we are the owners and lords, and, the truth, sometimes we have gone too far. On too many occasions our gaze has been the only possible one. We consider the need to walk the opposite path and make room for the out of focus, the peripheral, the oblique, the strange... In this workshop we will play with the point of view to go on excursions through different viewpoints from which to contemplate with different eyes the stories you want to tell.



  • Inquire and reflect on the point of view

  • Work with different tools to approach it from dramatic writing.

  • Investigate other possible ways of looking and how they can affect the stories we tell.

  • Develop strategies to learn to dislocate the gaze: from the text to the representation.

  • Look for who looks at us: the reception.


In this workshop we will get to the theory from the practice, facing the different topics and questions from the writing. We will share exercises, readings, videos... but we will also work with other artistic languages such as painting, starting from paintings by painters such as Brueghel or Zuloaga to elaborate "dramaturgical recreations" of those images, the result of new processes where the pictorial and dramatic look they intertwine.


In short, we will work with everything that allows us to reflect together on the challenge of seeking other ways of looking (and being looked at)


  • Brief history of the point of view in the theater: from Aeschylus to Schimmelpfennig.

  • Organization of the gaze:

    • Small scale in narrative: from Aesop's fable to Shkloski's estrangement.

    • The point of view as a political option.

    • The spatial and temporal displacement of the point of view.

    • Brecht's estrangement.

  • Gaze Dislocation:

    • The situated eye: use of scenic space.

    • The liberated eye: simultaneity.

    • The corner of the eye: peripheral vision.


Dates and times 

September 25th

October 2, 23 and 30

November 6, 13, 20 and 27

Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

LaNave - LaJoven Headquarters

(C/ Antonio López, 58 - Madrid)

Metro: Marques de Vadillo (Line 5)

Bus: Line 23


Between 16 and 30 years



More information

91 014 04 53

Registration open until Sunday, September 19.

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