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BARRO  is the first step in a tetralogy that reflects on what remains of the idea of Europe shaped during the 20th century. One hundred years after the end of the First World War, this text pays homage to the voices of those who fought to structure an idea of Europe that always ends up finding its most intimate reason in culture. Who, despite the violence of a conflict that dragged on inexorably and tragically, remained hopeful, clinging to the possibility of adding to the evidence of disunity.


A production of La Joven and Comunidad de Madrid.

Premiere: NOVEMBER 2018 | Canal Theaters (Black Room)

JANUARY 12, 2019 | Royal Coliseum of Carlos III in San Lorenzo de El Escorial


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jose luis arellano garcia

Graduated in Dramatic Art from RESAD, he has worked mainly in Spain and the United States.

He has directed La piel en llamas by Guillem Clua at the Centro Dramático Nacional and La revoltosa for the Teatro de la Zarzuela.  He is a regular guest director at the GALA Theater in Washington DC where in 2015 he won 6 Helen Hayes Awards, including Best Direction and Best Play for Yerma . He has also directed Ay, Carmela for the Picadero Theater in Buenos Aires.

Arellano is one of the national theatrical references working with young people. He is the artistic director of La Joven Compañía since its creation, directing twelve productions, awarded in 2014 with the El Ojo Crítico de Teatro Prize, with which he has been a Finalist for the Valle-Inclán Prize for Proyecto Homero and a Finalist at the MAX Awards with El lord of the flies

He is a regular assistant director to Gerardo Vera with whom he has worked on productions such as Sueños , Los Hermanos Karamázov , Agosto , Platonov and El cojo de Inishmaan . He has also been assistant director with Josep Maria Mestres and at the Teatro Real with Ignacio García. He has also directed the Parla Municipal Theater School for eight years.

His latest show, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight by Simon Stephens, based on the novel by Mark Haddon, can be seen at the Teatro Marquina in Madrid, reaping great success with critics and audiences.


guillem clua

Graduated in journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), he began his training in writing at the London Guildhall University (London, Great Britain) in 1994. He is currently considered one of the most innovative and versatile voices in current national theater. The critics have defined the work of this author as multidisciplinary, eclectic and with a priority concern for the narrative structure and plot. His goal is always to tell stories and make them close to the viewer, using mechanisms of intrigue, comedy or melodrama, a fast pace, and even elements of other media, such as television, Internet and cinema.

His training as a journalist means that the playwright does not hesitate to choose current issues that generate the big headlines in the press: the war in Iraq, the Palestinian conflict, climate change, nationalism... they have all found a place in his works. The result is works of high political voltage ( The Burning Skin , The Taste of Ashes , The Swallow ) and epic dramas ( Marburg , Invasion ), but also musicals ( Killer , 73 raons per deixar-te ), theater shows- dance ( Death in Venice , In the desert ), adaptations of classics ( Iliad , La revoltosa ) and comedies ( Smiley , Al damunt dels nostres cants ).

His works have had an international trajectory. Clua was born in Barcelona, but has lived in London and New York, cities that have seen his texts represented and have notably influenced his writing style. His texts have been translated into English, German, Italian, French, Greek, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian, among other languages. The author also has extensive and recognized experience as a television scriptwriter and teacher dramatic writing. He has given workshops at Sala Beckett in Barcelona, the ESCAC film school and abroad.


Novelist, playwright and Doctor Cum Laude in Hispanic Philology. He has been a professor in public education, although he is currently dedicated exclusively to narrative and theatrical writing.

Finalist for the 2010 Nadal Prize with  The age of anger  (Booket Planeta), in his narrative career stand out titles such as_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_138bad5cf5cf58d When everything It was easy  (Tres Hermanas Ediciones),  The sound of bodies  (Editorial Dos Bigotes),_cc7-58cde190-5-58cde19 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The lives we invent  (Espasa), The immortality of the crab  (Dance of the sun) or In(h)harmonics (Young & Brillante). Además, ha participado en antologías de relatos como  Lo que no se dice  o  The sky in motion , and is the author of youth titles with great success among readers. s adolescentes como  Nadie nos oye ,  El reino de las Tres Lunas  o la novela transmedia_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The names of fire .


As a playwright, he has premiered works such as  #malditos16  (co-production of the Centro Dramático Nacional), los amores -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ When we were twoIn mutual disagreement  (released simultaneously in Spain, Panama and Venezuela),_cc781905-5cde-bb3b-3194 136bad5cf58d_o  The Age of Wrath , loosely based on his own novel for The Young Company. He is also the author of versions such as  Desengaños amorosos  (XLI Almagro International Theater Festival) or  Las harpías XXX Almagro International Theater Festival) and adaptations such as de  Yerma  (2015), by Lorca (awarded the 2015 Helen Hayes Award for Best Theatrical Show) or la de  Don Juan Tenorio  (2017), by José Zorrilla, both premiered at the Gala Theater in Washington.



Alejandro Chaparro, Jose Cobertera, Victor de la Fuente, Jota Haya
Maria Romero, Mateo Rubistein, Maria Valero, Cristina Varona

They were also part of the cast Samy Khalil and Álvaro Quintana

Address:  José Luis Arellano García

Lighting:  Paloma Parra  / Scenography and costumes:_cc781905-5cde-3bbb-bbd5cf58 Marta Silvia34

Scenic movement:  Andoni Larrabeiti / Characterization: Sara Álvarez
Video scene: Elvira Ruiz Zurita


Project address:  David R. Peralto  / Production address:  Olga Reguilón

Dirección técnica:  David Elcano  / Dirección de comunicación:  José Luis Collado
Audience management and development:  Pedro Sánchez, Rocío de Felipe and María Limón

Regiduría:  Dani Villar  / Production Assistant:  Nuria Chacón and Víctor Hernández
Assistant Director: Andoni Larrabeiti, Dani Villar and Athena Tzallas
Scenography and costume assistantship:  Lara Martínez and Cristina Aguado

Communication and CM:  @SamuelGarAr  / Technical assistant: Iván Belizon
Characterization assistants: Gema R. Núñez, Ana Mª Rodríguez, Sara Santiago and Vanessa Cabrera

Set design: Scnik and Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Costume design: Tailoring Petra Porter and Conchi Marro
Graphic design
: Erre Gálvez / Scene photography: David Ruano

Acknowledgements: Goethe-Institut, Institut Français, Alberto Granados, Vialis Barcelona
LaJoven Volunteers

In co-production with Community of Madrid

Pinto City Council collaborates

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