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A quality villain: creating an image of the antagonist

With positive heroes everything is clear - they stand guard over the world, sowing good and light, eradicating evil. But with the antagonist is not so simple, and to create a villainous image novice often approach with a sleeve down. For example, evil is evil, and what is there to think about? But this is a very serious mistake. For the heroism of positive characters is created thanks to the intrigues of the opposing side, PayForEssay and the more complicated and interesting that side is, the greater is the contribution of the conquering hero to the overall success.

In general, beginners make the following mistakes when creating an antagonist:

A villain with no story.

He just shows up and starts doing evil. Why? Why? What are his motives? What made him evil? Not a word. This is very important to understanding the character, though, and the larger the scale of the atrocities, the more space they take up in the story, the more explanations like why, college essays for sale why and where from should be given.

Unwarranted contrivances.

The villain is the coolest of the coolest, he's the most-someone of the most-someone. Everything. Why? What are the origins of his power? What did he have to go through to get what he wanted? What did he sacrifice? What was he afraid of if he took the risk? Where did such a purpose come from-what shaped it? How did he achieve it?

Otherwise, statistics homework help it can feel as if the villain was created so badass, solely to emphasize the strength and importance of the conquering hero.

There are no halftones in the image.

He is dark, evil, and terrifying, period. Able only to kill, torment, harm, envy and consider himself superior. But why? Why shouldn't the villain have qualities like empathy, respect for an equal? At least? Where did all this "blackness" come from?

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